What furniture and equipments do the BracaRooms residence have?


In each room you will find: a bed with two big drawers, a mattress with protection, a closet with hangers and mirror, a bedside table, bedside lamp, a working desk, a desk lamp, a chair, a bookshelf, a chest of drawers, a garbage can, a laundry bag and a termoventilator. You will also find signal for cable TV. Duvet, duvet cover, bedsheets, pillows, pillow cover and towels will not be included. However, when reserving your room, you can request these optional extras to be provided by us, at a reasonable price, and ready for you at check in.

In the kitchen you will find: stove, oven, microwave, toaster, sandwich-maker, tea kettle, Nespresso machine, blender, liquidizer, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, dishes, cups, cutlery, pans, individual shelves, table, chairs, garbage can and air conditioner.

In the living room you will find: TV, sofas, table(s), chairs, lamps and air conditioner.

In the laundry you will find: iron, washing machine, clothes washing tub, drying machine and a clothesline (interior and exterior).

In the gym you will find: treadmill, static bicicle, mini stepper, cross trainer, pull-up weight training bar, wood stall bars, multi gym machine, weigth bench, weigth plates and bars.

Optional equipment: you will be able to know exactly what is available in your future room! We strive to provide a personalized service according to your quality and comfort standards! So, if you want something extra (LCD, among other items) feel free to ask us so we can provide it at a reasonable price.

Apart from the items listed above, you will be able to find other furniture and equipment.