What is included in the monthly rent?


The value of each rent includes: technical assistance, renting of the room, equipment, furniture, utilities (electricity, water and gas), Wi-Fi, cable TV signal, insurance and cleaning of the shared areas three times per week.

There is a a limit of €50 per person/month (calculated per room) of utilities that are included but don’t worry, it’s more than enough to use water, electricity and gas in an efficient, confortable and sustainable way (as long as you don’t forget to turn off your equipment or leave the water running, then you should be fine!). You will find in the house several tips to avoid spending more than the limit while protecting the environment at the same time. In case the maximum limit is surpassed, we will divide that extra charge equally among all the house’s tenants, without BracaRooms making any profit on that value.

In case you want to include the cleaning of your personal room, contact us and we will take care of everything. The costs of this service will be added to your monthly rent.